Security Services

SPG can provide a protection plan to fit your specific needs and budget. Our investigators are experienced and professionally trained to keep an eye out for potentially harmful situations.

Executive & VIP Protection

Strategic Protection Group provides trusted, highly trained security details for executives, celebrities and other VIPs. We can provide you with surveillance investigators in plain clothes or a protective escort to and from work or social events. Whatever the need, Strategic Protection Group can devise a personal security plan of action that will bring you peace of mind.

Estate Protection

Strategic Protection Group provides professional services of the highest quality in estate protection services, meeting the specific requirements and needs of high profile clients and their families. From background investigations of house personnel to developing emergency evacuation plans, we offer experienced and knowledgeable security personnel with extensive hands-on training to manage the protection of your estate.

Corporate Protection

Providing security for offices and corporate areas has very specific requirements, not least of which is the impression they give to your visitors. Our corporate protection security officers are of the same high caliber demeanor and appearance as your company employees. Whether the threat is internal or external, our highly trained corporate security officers will identify the risks and neutralize the problem, quickly and efficiently.

Facility & Property Assessments

Strategic Protection Group is dedicated to strengthening and improving security measures for your facility by anticipating and meeting its evolving security needs. By assessing your property needs, we can begin developing a site-specific operational plan that will address your facility’s particular vulnerabilities, sensitive areas, security inefficiencies, and general operations.

Event Security

From sporting events and large concerts to conventions and private parties, each event we cover receives the same level of expertise from our quality staff and the attention to detail we provide all of our clients. Strategic Protection Group is a multi-level security and risk management organization providing services on a national and international basis to the business, legal, entertainment, and education community.

Travel Security

Strategic Protection Group is not only specially trained to keep you safe, but we are also familiar with airport and customs-related protocols to ensure punctuality and adherence to precise itineraries. In addition, our experienced professionals can provide peace of mind to individuals and families that are traveling domestically and abroad by providing professional and discreet protection from threats and dangerous situations.

Threat Assessments

We begin our threat assessment by working with you to create an in-depth evaluation to assess your personal security. We also evaluate your existing security plans to ensure that whatever threat you are facing will be managed in a discreet and professional manner. Once the risk factors are identified, Strategic Protection Group will recommend a personalized security method tailored to your needs, concerns and desires.