Investigative Services

Strategic Protection Group is committed to the integrity of the investigation and in providing honest reporting of the facts as well as video and written reports to substantiate our findings.

Background Checks & Screenings

If you are responsible for hiring people, you have a responsibility to avoid negligent hiring. A pre-employment background check takes the guesswork out of the hiring process. SPG provides undeniable evidence of the applicant or employee's past track record, giving you concrete information that will improve the hiring process and increase safety in the work environment. We can customize any screening to fit your needs or budget.

Digital Forensics

Our court room qualified computer forensic experts apply cutting edge computer forensic tools and training with old fashion private detective work to provide clients with superior computer forensic investigation results. Are your loved ones surfing adult dating websites? Have they opened a new bank account that you don't know about? We may be able to find answers to these questions on a computer and/or cell phone.

Theft & Fraud

SPG combines our expertise and experience to investigate asset inquires all over the world. We undertake these inquiries for a variety of different clients and reasons. We make use of database investigations, background and lifestyle research, forensic computing and covert staged surveillance. We are a multi-level security and risk management organization providing services on a national and international basis to the business, legal, entertainment, and education community.

Insurance Fraud

Whether it's a routine Worker's Compensation investigation or a difficult undercover operation our team of surveillance operatives have the experience and necessary skills to bring these cases to a successful conclusion. Our surveillance investigators use the latest covert video surveillance equipment so our investigations don't "stop at the door." Our investigators also don't sit in their vehicles waiting for the claimant to return to their vehicle. We continue beyond where most investigators leave off, ensuring we don't miss potential vital video evidence.

Surveillance & Tracking

Sometimes in our lives there are questions that need answers. Clients call upon SPG to provide surveillance of individuals for various reasons — suspicion of theft or fraud, worried parents, concerned spouses, those in need of irrefutable evidence for litigious purposes. At SPG we can offer you simple peace of mind through either confirming or denying suspicions by providing with an accurate picture of a current situation. Our personnel are highly trained in surveillance techniques and all the information or evidence gathered is professionally presented to the standard of proof required by the courts. As with all of our investigations, we guarantee you complete discretion and confidentiality.

Bug Sweeping

Specialists employed by SPG are fully trained and highly experienced in conducting professional sweeps for bugs, phone taps, hidden microphones and cameras, and other eavesdropping or wiretapping equipment. We can sweep for a variety of purposes, including office, board room and conference security, industrial espionage, litigation issues, marital disputes or anywhere you need and expect your private conversations to remain private.

Handwriting & Fingerprint Analysis

We exam, identify and analyze signatures, fingerprints, handwriting, initials, and numbers. We analyze documents made by computer printers, typewriters, as well as markings on walls, glass, and even automobiles. We compare papers, inks, printing, typewriting, computer-generated documents, facsimiles, photocopies, rubber stamps and holes made by a stapler or hole punch. If you believe you possess a document that could have potentially been forged, contact Strategic Protection Group for help.